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“Toma Popovici’s painting is all oppositions. From white to brown, from matt to gloss, from the accidents that settle on the canvas to the extreme softness that covers them, everything that makes up this artist’s work originates in contrast.


That says his character, obviously. Easy ways are not for him, it is clear. Because nothing is more difficult to express at the same time than these two concepts that are so opposite: fragility and strength.



The atmosphere that is created by these sepias scratched by the artist’s movements certainly challenges our perception. They are somewhat redolent of a few fragments of parchment that have undergone the ravages of time and continue to bear witness to it. Do they tell us about the human condition? Or about life’s little snags? Maybe they are hiding a few pieces of nature, bathed in mystery. And after this first mystery there comes another, equally as perplexing. For it is clearly the long veil of softness – as if a mirror had been placed over the works – that creates the enigma and arouses our curiosity. It directly addresses our disoriented sensitivity to finding such an effect on the canvas."



Pascale de Lajartre

Director of the cultural center at the Catholic Institute of Toulouse

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